5.5.21 – AEW Blood & Guts Review

I may have over-indulged on adult-style beverages while watching Blood & Guts, so instead of missing my deadline, here a few notes that I jotted down on a wet napkin:

Love the idea. Glad they are using more traditional rules and put the top on the cage.

The 3 play-by-play guy announce team is strange to me.

The Pinnacle looks good. MJF is a star.

The Inner Circle is still a heel group to me. You could not pay me to cheer for Jericho as this point.

Dax and Sammy start things off and do some good stuff, reminding us that they can’t win by pinfall. Dax is one of the best in the world, makes Sammy look great.

Shawn Spears is the weak link of the ten men in this match. How many chairs need to die to get him over?

Ortiz is next and gets good shine.

Sammy falls on his ass jumping from one ring to the next, nearly kills himself.

Cash is next and he looks like he wants a fight

Santana come in next, has a lot of potential, Santana and Ortiz feel like babyfaces, together or apart

In the commercial, Wardlow comes in and I cannot comment on something I did not see.

Now Hager’s in and taps Spears to the ankle lock, but you can’t tap until EVERYONE is in the match.

Cash is bleeding everywhere

No business picks up, MJF is in. Great spot distracting Hager while Wardlow takes his knees out. All to an “ASS-HOLE” chant.

The last man Jericho comes in and this thing grinds to a halt. Bad spot after bad spot that go nowhere.

If Jericho had a bat, why didn’t he come in with it to begin with?

Another commercial, anything is better than Jericho at this point.

Back from the break, and the ring is torn up for some reason.

Sammy goes Sam-daminator on Spears

Santana and Ortiz break of the bodega forks on MJF.    

Of course, Jericho’s team is dominating. Of course, Jericho is choking out the biggest man in the ring.

Another commercial. This thing will not end.

Back from commercial. Now Jericho and MJF are on top of the cage and why? and of course they are and why?

MJF threatens to throw Jericho off the cage and Sammy surrenders to protect Jericho. MJF throws him off anyway. MJF is a fucking star

Jericho takes a phony bump off the cage to the floor. If you need a crash pad, then don’t do it.

I fucking hate…sorry…I can’t read the rest of this, I spilled rye on it…it looks like “Jericho”. Let’s go with that. I fucking hate Jericho.

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