[SPOILERS] 6.18.21 – Smackdown Report: Jack Russell Terrier

I got a new puppy recently – a Jack Russell Terrier that I decided to name Rosco. Allegedly, Rosco was born in a puppy mill in Missouri and was transported to my local rescue by train, which sounds nice. I used to enjoy travelling by train, but I doubt there was a business class car on this trip. I got him the same day he was neutered, so he was pretty geeked from the surgery.

The Jack Russell Terrier was created in the early 19th century by the Reverend John Russell. As the story goes, from shootinguk:

In 1815, the Reverend bought a bitch he saw from a milkman. Named Trump, she was the height of a full-grown vixen, white, with a patch of dark tan over each eye and ear and at the root of the tail. Her whole frame suggested hardiness and endurance , covered by a thick, close and slightly wiry coat.

So this guy Russell took this thick bitch named Trump and created one of the most intelligent and playful dog breeds. So intelligent and playful, in fact, that Rosco thought it was an intelligent idea to playfully chew through two pairs of my shoes. I now own 0 pairs of shoes.

After another day-long struggle of getting this conehead-ass dog acclimated to his new home, I realized that I had missed almost the entire episode of WWE Smackdown. I scrambled to watch the end of Roman Reigns and Rey Mysterio in the Hell in the Cell. Roman Reigns defeated Rey Mysterio by submission with the whatever lock.

Anyway, I’m taking this fucking dog back to the shelter because it pissed and shit on all my fucking shit. 

This has been the Smackdown review for June 18, 2021.

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